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What do you need for a website to be online?

You need to have a domain (the website address) and a hosting ( a web server, where your website lives).

There are a lot of companies offering domain and hosting services. If you feel you don’t want to deal with these, I will gladly help you upon your request.

What is a domain?

A domain is the name of the website address, example: kokushta.com is the domain.

This is how someone will come to visit your website, by knowing your website address or the domain.

Domains usually have a yearly fee, but the fee depends on the type of domain you want to purchase.

What is a hosting?

A hosting is a web server, a computer where your website lives and all your web pages, pictures, etc. are located and can be accessed by typing the website address (aka domain) into a browser.

The hosting server also can be used to host:

  • your @yourdomain email addresses, example: gjergji@kokushta.com
  • databases
  • backups
  • web apps
  • etc.

There are some technical properties you need to know and understand, when you choose your hosting plan:

Space: the amount of harddrive space used for hosting the website and email messages. Usually is measured in GB (gigabyte). For a small website 5-10 GB is more than enough.

Bandwidth/Traffic: Each time someone visits a website, the page loads data from the web server (text, images, video, animations, etc.). The amount of data loaded from each visitor during a month is calculated as monthly traffic or bandwidth.

Bandwidth is important for your website accessibility. The greater the bandwidth, the bigger the number of visitors that can access your website.

Remember: if the visitors use / consume the whole bandwidth, the next visitor can not access your website.

For a small website, let’s say a webpage load is 2MB (megabyte) and your bandwidth is 10 GB or 10000 MB – only 5000 visitor can access your website within a month.

What information a website must have?

A lot of clients ask me this question. It starts with knowing, who is this website for or what is the purpose of the website.

What you can do is answer the following questions:


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